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Bowman Tool Company & Systems engineers and manufactures lateral reinstatement cutters and their respective components and accessories.

Dominator® 300

This is the cutter you need for small line contracts of four to six inches.

Dominator® 430

This is the cutter you need for medium line contracts of six to thirty inches.

Dominator® J 8-36

This is the cutter you need for large line contracts of eight to thirty-six inches.

Generation II Infinite Control System

These series of control systems are for use with our different series of cutters.

Air Motors & Other Accessories

The different lines of Bowman Tool Company & Systems air motors are manufactured with the various cutters and lining materials in mind.  Bowman Tool Company & Systems makes accessories with efficiency of the worksite in mind.

Coming Soon

* varied cutting bits


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Last modified: 02/15/12