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.7 HP Air Motor (Mini-Mo)    Works with Dominator®300 in 4"-6" pipe; 18,000 RPM; 1/4" shank

                                            bit maximum.

 .8 HP Cross Flow Air Motor           Works with Dominator®430 & J 8-36 & 615 in 6" and larger pipe;

                                                    30,000 RPM.

  1.2 HP Cross Flow Air Motor         Works with Dominator®430 & J 8-36 & 615 in 8" and larger pipe;

                                                    29,000 RPM.

NOTE: The new Cross Flow (CF) air motors are 3/4 of an inch flatter, run cooler, and divert the air back over the cutter away from the camera lens.

            Jumbo Air Motor            Works with Jumbo 1236; 8,000 RPM gear head.

         2.5 HP Geared Air Motor  Works with Dominator®430 & J8-36 in 6 inch and larger pipe; can be

                                                         combined with bits, brushes, and shape cutters; 10,500 RPM.

            Cross Hatch Bits            Works in any of the air motors for better cutting.


       Flared Stem Shape Cutter     Works with 2.5 HP Geared Air Motor; varied grit provides bit and

                                                            brush function for decreased lateral reinstatement time.


Air Diverter Plates                    Attaches to the original .8 HP and 1.2 HP block air motors to direct

                                                the air blast away from the camera lens.

                    Test Modules        Allows for testing of the cutter at the end of the line or down hole

                                                    cable; others are for testing the control system.

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