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Dominator® 300



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        The Dominator®300 lateral reinstatement cutter is one of the revolutionary cutter designs in our Dominator® series.  This cutter works in 4" to 6" relined pipe.  The motors are isolated in their own water-tight chamber eliminating the problem and cost of water damaged motors.  The chamber's water-tight quality is due to the placement of a captured o-ring, and because the o-rings cannot drop out, this design also permits quick assembly and disassembly.  Further, the motor chamber is isolated from the feed and rotation mechanism for ease of assembly and disassembly.  This cutter's capability of being disassembled and reassembled in approximately 30 minutes is due to its revolutionary 8 moving parts design; there are no clutches, keyways, or set screws, rather the air solenoid is on your truck.  All of the gears and feed mechanisms are manufactured from temper hardened stainless steel and bronze.  The cutter is machined from a solid billet of stainless steel and has no outside air tube, but rather an insulated internal air channel.  The head design incorporates a pinionless, quick-change design, and only one adjustable gib to ensure reduced adjustment time and maintain the highest degree of accuracy.  The cutter can be wired for 4, 5, or 6 wires to accommodate most of our competitors' systems.

        The 300 is 26 inches long with the ram in and 31.5 inches long with the ram out, weighs 35 pounds, and has a body diameter of less than 3 inches.  It has a ram travel of 5 inches.  It has 3 motors at 24-30 VDC.  It requires 24 volts of electricity to operate.  The cutter has an air requirement of 38 CFM @ 100 PSI.  The Dominator®300 operates with our Generation II Infinite Control 300 series control box and our MiniMo .7 HP air motor.

Key Benefits


Works in 4 to 6 inch relined pipe


Limited Lifetime Warranty on rotation and feed mechanisms


Only 8 internal moving parts


Less than 30 minute tear down & reassembly                   

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