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BTCS is here to supply our customers with the tools

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Message from the Owner

    For nearly 25 years, our company has designed and manufactured cutting-edge lateral

reinstatement cutters and controllers for the underground industry.  Our cutters are

designed with the jobsite in mind, taking into consideration the various sizes of lines and

the various relining materials.  This focus on application allows our customers to do their

best work on their contracts.  However, our company does not believe that innovation is

enough; quality and dependability are also essential.  That is why our cutters and

controllers are built to the highest of standards. Each piece of equipment is built and

tested to meet these standards.  We are honest with our customers regarding our

equipment’s performance parameters, timeframes for delivery, and competitor

comparisons.  Even after the sale, past customers are treated as if they were new

customers; if you have a question or need assistance, we are as interested in helping

you as we were on day 1.  Our business is here for your business because we can only

succeed if you succeed.  We look forward to doing business with you and making you

one of our many satisfied customers.

                                                                                                            - Tom Bowman



Please feel free to contact any of our satisfied customers.

                  “With this equipment [Dominator® 430 and 2.5 HP Geared Air Motor], our lateral reinstatement

                        time has decreased from 1 hour to 10 minutes."                  

                                                                                        -Progressive Pipeline Management (PPM)                                                  

Visu-Sewer Clean & Seal, Inc.             1-800-876-8478          Tom Stoffel                           tom@visu-sewer.com                              

Progressive Pipeline Management         732-933-2701           Dave Wickersham                dlw@progressivepipe.com                                                 

Terra Engineering                                   608-575-5692           Scott Zimmerman                saz@terraconst.com

Martech                                                   604-888-2223            Bob Taylor                           martech-bobtaylor@telus.net

SAK Construction                                   636-379-2350             Boyd Hirtz                           bhirtz@sakcon.com

A-Tech Sewer                                         605-886-4225             Darrin LaQua                       darrin@a-techsewer.com

En-Tech Corp.                                         201-784-1034             Tony Lopez                          tlo154@aol.com

Infratech                                                 763-428-6488             Bob Williams                       michele@infratechonline.com

PUCC                                                      615-325-3374            Michael Woodcock               michaelwoodcock@pucc.org

Sancon Engineering                               714-891-2323            Gary Drew                            garyd@sancon.com

Abel Recon                                             717-285-3103            Hap Witmer                          hwitmer@abelrecon.com


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           East Berlin, PA  17316    USA
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